Edmund Kemper

To the average American, there was nothing out of the ordinary about Edmund Kemper before 1973. Standing at six-foot-nine, the young man was a giant, but he was gentle, soft spoken, and shy. He lived with his mother into his mid-twenties and frequented local bars, cozying up to police officers—a job he had once hoped to hold himself but couldn’t since he was too tall. This was one reality of Kemper's life—the reality he wanted those around him to see. There was another side to the man though, a much darker side. Kemper's actions in his life shocked America, who dubbed him the Co-Ed Killer for his urge to murder and violate co-ed girls in Northern California.

Inside you will read about...

✓ Hatred is Born
✓ Kemper’s First Murders
✓ Institutionalized with an IQ of 145
✓ The Co-Ed Killer
✓ Kemper’s Grand Finale: The Death of His Mother
✓ Arrest, Imprisonment, and Parole
And much more!

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