Genghis Khan

Genghis Khan: a man who managed to unify the warring nomadic Mongol clans, who orchestrated military victories from China all the way to Russia, who founded an empire that continued to expand across Asia and into Europe during the generations that followed his reign. Riding across the steppes, bow and arrows at his side, he was a man who believed himself to be on a divinely appointed mission and would stop at nothing to fulfill it. He valued loyalty above all else and destroyed kingdoms that got in his way. 

Inside you will read about...

✓ Poverty and Captivity
✓ Becoming a Leader
✓ A Unified People
✓ The First Campaigns
✓ The Raid Into Europe
And much more!

Genghis Khan’s great victories were preceded by destitution and captivity. This is a rags to riches tale—not just a theme for fairytales and legends, but the real story of a leader who overcame hardship and setbacks to play a role in shaping the modern world.

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