Tsar Nicholas II

Reigning from 1894 to 1917, Nicholas II was the last emperor of Russia. His rule served as the bookends between what were essentially two Russian empires; the one that his forefathers carved out through imperial ambition and the one dictated by the zealous communists of the Soviet Union bent on socialist expansion. Nicholas was by most accounts a conflicted ruler; a man viewed as kind and generous in his mannerisms yet alleged to be greatly disconnected and apathetic toward the subjects he was supposed to rule over. 

Inside you will read about...

✓ Nicholas and the Funeral Bride
✓ The Coronation Tragedy
✓ Bloody Sunday
✓ Nicholas’ Reluctant Reforms
✓ Three Hundred Years of Romanov Rule
✓ The Tsar and World War I
✓ The Last Russian Tsar
And much more!

Find out how this last Russian tsar rose to power and oversaw the end of a 300-year family dynasty as it teetered, tottered, and finally fell over the edge of oblivion. This is the story of Tsar Nicholas II.

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